WTF? XStreet SL and the Halloween Spotlight Promotion

Am I the only one that thinks it’s a bit tacky that LL organise a marketing event for Halloween and use items in their publicity pics from a merchant who didn’t even know the marketing event was happening because LL didn’t tell him?

The added wtf for me is that for this latest lapse in attention to anything even remotely approaching detail is that when the creator of the item found out not only didn’t they slip him into the promotion which had only started the day before nor did they publicly acknowledge on the promo picture who created the item but  added insult was they seemed to think that since one of the team had bought it as a gift for someone the creator should be happy.

Of course they only had just shy of 200 applications to join the promo and they only accepted 86 of them.  Obviously not enough of those 86 creators had items good enough for the two publicity pictures and the banner ad used.

deep cynicism moment

Linden Labs have decided that despite the evidence that only around 10% of users of gaming sites actually ever look at the blogs a blog is going to be their main method of communication for anything official.  Unless they’re trying to bring attention to their latest favourites, then they can manage to send out emails.


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