You Think Your Real Life Data is Kept Safe by Linden Lab? Think Again

and because the likelihood is that Linden Research will delete this thread to hide the evidence, I’ll repost the salient post here:


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Re: Office Hours and Policy Making


This assumes they’re actually interested in what the population in-general wants instead of them being interested in having the decisions they already made get validated.


/me blinks. Wow!! I logged in as me, XYZ, and it says that I’m posting as ABC, who I’m absolutely not an alt of. I also see “Welcome, ABC” at the top of my screen. Holy crap.

Go LL!! New and improved, baby!!!!! Tell us to trust you again. That just never gets old.

 Edit by the REAL ABC

I’m waiting for Torley’s next video about how logging in as other people is an awesome way to meet new people and make money.

Seriously Linden Lab.. What the hell?


There’s nothing like possibly having your real life details compromised is there?  Data protection, what data protection? Welcome to Second Life..  Not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last.
I assume this is the same website that government and corporate clients are also expected to log into.  As you can see Linden Lab’s commitment to quality and security is as poor as it was in 2006.
There is nothing you can do to protect your data in this circumstance.  This has nothing to do with your password being compromised, this is an error in the authentication process used. 
You will never know if anyone has accessed your details either.  We’re all exposed here and there is absolutely nothing we can do.

I assume the access was only to the details held in the blog area of the site.  The original poster didn’t investigate the full access they had to that person’s details.  However as I understand it, it is the same authentication process used for all parts of the site so if a defect is found on one area the likelihood is that it will also be in the others.
I don’t really need to say anymore.  

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