Early Adopters? My F#^%ing A#%se

These people are the early adopters of Second Life:

not those who came in anytime before today.. The platform is almost legacy FFS!

But then Linden Lab have never been good at understanding things like the importance of credibility.  M said it* and the minions are parroting it.  It still doesn’t make it true.

Either the employees really are fantastically stupid or they don’t bother to make an effort to understand the concepts they spin. From the Long Tail, to their supposed SCRUM methodology and now this. The shallowness of their understanding is boggling, they plainly have no idea, they just parrot keywords and hope no one else notices the inappropriate use.

Just remember people, this organisation is selling its wares to governments and educators.  God help us.

*it doesn’t give a running time but the statement is around 40% in from the beginning

and for those of you who want to become familliar with the concept he’s talking about read this for a potted summary.


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