The rumour mill says Linden Lab will file for bankruptcy. It’s probably more true than not.

I was just finishing off a post explaining just why the rumour I read yesterday that Linden Lab was about to file for bankruptcy was unhelpful and untrue speculation – despite the reduction in support and all the other things that have been going on with Linden Lab that have given the impression that the company is going out of business..  then I saw this.

Why does Linden Lab constantly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?  From the deluge of users they cavalierly despised and ignored back in 2006, viewer 2, xstreet to slm migration, zindra, homesteads, AU, the approach to reducing the number of smaller estate owners via the deluge of around 500 regions via the Atlas programme and finally kissing goodbye to all but the most passionate and monied educators and non profits with the tier increase next year..  I’ve always despaired at how totally wrong LL seems to get things.  Now it looks like it’s all coming home to roost.

I desperately hope I’m wrong but the signs aren’t good.  I thought we might have another 12 months left but perhaps my original thought that they wouldn’t last until Christmas really was more accurate.

This is completely down to poor judgement on Linden Lab’s part.  I really could give them a slapping.