What do you want to see in Second Life in two years time?

Our new leader wants to know what we’d like to see in 2 years time

TMJ: We don’t want this to be entirely one-sided. What are we – as users and customers – not asking you about that you’d nevertheless like us to hear?

I will read the comments to this interview, what I would most like to know is this: In 2 years time what would you most like to be doing in Second Life, and how would you like to be doing it? The answers to that question would be very helpful indeed.


Here’s mine.

  • Stop using mainland as a test server – spend the money and the time creating a proper test environment
  • Make support actually do what they are supposed to – the frontline chat works adequately but the support tickets processing sucks. Processing tickets may not be sexxxy to your employees but it helps to keep around the people paying their wages.
  • Fix inworld search. Just admit GSA6 was a bad decision and move on.
  • Fix the marketplace. It’s borderline unusable for merchants and customers don’t fare much better. 
  • If you have a policy, actually implement it.  A tough one I know but pretty well every other organisation manages it. 
  • Fix the maturity ratings issues.  If someone only wants to search in one rating they should only see returns that are: 
  1. relevant
  2. on parcels with that rating

currently it does neither for listings or classifieds.

and the only bit of advice I’m going to give…

Understand the difference between social media and virtual worlds.  Second Life has always been cruelly deficient in social media tools – much to its detriment.  The current social media tools out there don’t cut it for what your current customer base want and need.  So, don’t be afraid to look at the current tools and take the best bits to create a version we will use inworld and revisit Avatars United in that light.