Linden Lab displays skewed values. How unusual.

Is it me or is there something wrong with LL when it will continue to fund at least 4 adult regions which do nothing to promote Second Life or even adult activities yet allows such gems as The Lost Gardens of Apollo and many others (including the AM Radio region in a few months time) to vanish from the grid?

I don’t know what the reason is for this but given a choice, I know what I’d choose for Linden Lab to spend their resources on and it isn’t squandering them on 4 barely used regions with no artistic merit.


2 Responses to Linden Lab displays skewed values. How unusual.

  1. In all fairness to Linden Lab, the Lab owns 6883 sims (1626 General, 4907 Moderate and 348 Adults sims) based on the latest statistics from Tyche Shepherd at Second Life Grid Survey. The Lab gives a lot to our community as is without taking on “popular” sims, of which a lot come and go over time.

  2. Yes, because it’s the lab’s responsibility to keep every build alive and running after the bill payers loudly stop paying the bill. That’s like asking the phone company to let you have a free ride because that doodle by you penned while bitching about them is “art”.

    LL didn’t stop paying the bill, the creators did. I don’t see you or the community offering to pony up the cash, clearly these great builds can’t actually be that important. Maybe you are just missing that we live in a age of disposable culture and disposable icons and that recognizing things have a time and place is half the damn point.

    So in this case, yes, it’s you. it’s all you, poke em in the eye because you can and because you can’t find a real reason to do it. You neglected to actually mention which regions the lab are supposed to be funding because …? Just left to guess it’s easier to just stand about ranting perverts vs the arts, how grand.

    Please, call the lab out, it’s important that people do. But please, at least make sure there is a valid reason for it otherwise serious criticism will never be taken seriously.

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